Friday, June 22, 2012


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CONTROL – Quality Assurance for World Markets
Flowplayer Successful at all levels – with its 26th event in May 2012, the Control international trade fair for quality assurance picked up where it left off after its outstanding anniversary edition in 2011, and was even able to top last year’s results. Control will launch its 27th round as the world’s leading trade fair in its respective industry, and will once again bring international experts together at the Stuttgart Exhibition Centre from the 14th through the 17th of May, 2013. CONTROL 2012: Outstanding Anniversary Year Outdone Again

Exactly 836 exhibitors, manufacturers and distributors from 31 countries around the world, 590,000 square feet of overall exhibition floor space and 24,843 expert visitors from 88 nations – these are the impressive figures which Control has to offer in 2012 as the world’s leading trade fair for quality assurance. In keeping with tradition, the event once again presented lots of world’s firsts including new products from the field of industrial quality assurance, as well as stand-alone and system solutions. Expert visitors arriving from all over the globe – 25% came from outside of Germany – were distinguished by their outstanding quality and strong propensity to invest. This resulted in sustained high spirits amongst the exhibitors.

CONTROL 2012: Excellent Visitor Quality and a Strong Propensity to Invest

Feedback at the booths was correspondingly positive at Control 2012: “Control at its best: professionally organised and promoted, with significantly more customer attendance than last year, with highly promising new projects and even orders taken directly at our booth”, says Uwe Kauder, direct marketing manager at the Mahr group.

“Control has once again completely fulfilled our great expectations. We were able to close an unusually large number of deals at the trade fair”, sums up Detlef Ferger, authorised signatory and sales manager at Werth Messtechnik GmbH. Martin Hochmuth, authorised signatory, technology and product manager at Hahn + Kolb Werkzeuge GmbH reports: “The first day at the trade fair was already fantastic with 20% more visitors coming to our booth than in recent years. A surprisingly large number of spontaneous orders were taken directly at the trade fair.”

CONTROL 2013: Full Speed Ahead into the 27th Round

On the basis of this success, preparations for the 27th event are now running at full bore again. Control will once again bring renowned international suppliers and well-informed users from the industry sector together in Stuttgart. “Neglecting to continuously improve quality and productivity is an open invitation for the competition”, says Paul Eberhard Schall as Control’s promoter, coming straight to the point about the existential significance of quality assurance. And thus the 27th CONTROL will present world class offering once again in 2013: all technologies, products, subsystems and complete hardware and software solutions with QA relevance are included in the trade fair programme. Forward-looking supplementary events will round out the ideal mix of theory and practice.

Event dates
14. - 17.05.2013 at Stuttgart
06. - 09.05.2014 at Stuttgart
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